Guruse is built with... Vision. Passion. Experience. Expertise.


BRIAN is one of the founders of Interfusion. He has over 30 years of experience, in CPG marketing, branding and promotional advertising for some of North America’s largest brands. He brings to the table a passion for marketing

and a vision that advertising should not be such an intrusion in our lives. He has always believed that marketing can be

a useful utility that delivers a richer, more immerse experience. Guruse™  is the result of that vision.


SANDI is the founder of Taffy Hill, a boutique design firm that uses creativity to breathe life into marketing ideas. Her design experience includes a wide range of clients, from technology to food services, starting from the conceptual stage

to the final installation. In both traditional and digital media, her strong relationships with ARAMARK’s lines of business are instrumental in shaping the services we build.


TREVOR was one of the initial 3 who created IAG, a start-up with a vision for changing how people watch television.

As the CTO he was responsible for the technology that has become a new industry standard for ad measurement metrics. IAG was eventually sold to Nielsen for $250mm. His passion for work-flow, meta-data, and process driven software architectures now empowers the software engine that will redefine how communities are serviced.

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