How to do. What we do.


It starts with applying and combining superior creative, marketing

and technology strategies to achieve your business goals.


Our patent pending architecture empowers companies by providing user-friendly tools to execute innovative campaigns, engaging applications and extensive publishing through a variety of mediums, electronic devices and print. Our fully integrated platform simplifies planning, execution and measurement of all of your marketing initiatives, providing you with a global, real-time view into your marketing activities.

Execute. Flawlessly.


We take ideas and turn them into executable strategies.

By leveraging technology, it is possible to empower and include your key stakeholders in the process. The Guruse Idea Book contains an integrated library of tools and applications that simplifies the process of developing, editing and publishing content to your customers. Our system ensures superior marketing initiatives are created, integrated and communicated across all platforms to the customers you want to reach.

Create Once.

Publish Everywhere.


Our philosophy is to create once, publish everywhere. Our patent pending architecture allows you to instantly push out your marketing activity to websites, mobile devices, digital signage and print without the complexity of developing multiple files and applications. Once a campaign is live, you can take advantage of our centralized publishing tool to adapt, edit or change content, based on real-time responses from your customers.

Innovative Campaigns

Drive Results.


If you want your brand to be recognized, your customers have to find you. That’s where Guruse™ comes in. Our portfolio of applications deliver rich, consumer focused campaigns that are easily adapted to your target audience.  Browse through the Guruse Idea Book to find customizable, technology-rich templates for Instant Win contests, mobile coupons, surveys, interactive games and more. We’ve invested in development, so you don’t have to.

Everybody Wins.


Define your ROI and evaluate results using real-time data across a variety of platforms. Assess marketing execution and user engagement both locally and globally. These tools allow you to quickly assess marketing efforts, ensuring a winning formula for everyone involved.

Manage and Measure

the Customer Experience. 

Start to Finish.


Our real-time measurement process lets you know immediately how customers are responding to your marketing efforts. Information can be collected and analyzed by specific location, time, customer and device. Our technology allows for instant reporting so you don’t have to wait for weekly reports to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. This allows you to manage the experience and make changes as required.

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